The Team


Paul runs an experienced landscaping team, implementing numerous landscape transformations every year, project-managing every aspect from deisgn and budgeting, through to construction, planting, maintenance and aftercare.

The Team:

  • Paul - Owner / Operator. Diverse training in landscape management and horticulture, Masters Degree in Landscape Design & Management (University of London 1998). Advanced knowledge of NZ plants and their practical application in Dunedin's soils & climate.

  • Joel - Primary foreman. 16 years landscape industry experience working in both Dunedin and Wanaka. Expert in irrigation sytems, planting and paving and digger-driving.

  • Matt - Secondary foreman. Many years experience landscaping in NZ and the UK. Excellent eye for detail. Keen mountain biker

  • Jordan, Joe, Alex, George & Rikki - The rest of the PAL Team of qualified landscapers with a variety of specialist skills and landscaping talent.


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Paul's ongoing project - www.nzplantpics.com - involves photographing the impressive range of plants both native & exotic which happily grow here in New Zealand. This online photo-library continues to be an invaluable asset to clients trying to visualise planting plans prior to implementation by Paul's landscaping team.

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