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Coastal Shelter Planting

If situated on an exposed coastal site your property may need a long term landscape development plan. The initial stages will involve establishing robust shelter belt planting to reduce the strength of strong coastal winds.

Careful selection of tough New Zealand natives and robust exotic shelter plants will be needed. May plants just simply will not survive these conditions.

Find below some of the plants used in my planting designs around the Dunedin area.

Wind-blasted Kanuka


Coastal shelter using New Zealand native plants:

Exotic shrubs providing good coastal shelter:

Sophora tetraptera Sophora tetraptera
(North Island kowhai)

Small tree growing 5-9m tall. Looks great planted in avenues especially when flowering.

Banksia serrata
(saw Banksia)

From E. Australia populating dry coastal locations. Has a very tough leaves.
Banksia serrata
Metrosideros excelsa Metrosideros excelsa
(NZ Xmas tree, pohutukawa)

A classic coastal tree coping with the harshest salt-laden winds. Large tree, but remains shrubby for years.

Callistemon citrinus
(scarlet bottlebrush)

Also from E. Australia. Will take a fair amount of exposure. The flowers are stunning. To 3m tall.
Callistemon citrinus
Corokia cotoneaster Corokia cotoneaster
(wire-netting bush, korokio)

A low shrubby plant to 2.5m tolerant of drought and coastal winds. Tangled, wiry branches.


Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)
Well-known shrubby herb. Will reach 2m tall and works very well as a secondary wind-break.

Rosmarinus officinalis
Corokia macrocarpa
hokataka, whakataka

From the Chatham Islands, this plant copes with anything - drought, sun, salt, wind. Grows 2-4m tall.


What type of plants do well coastally?

Olearia traversii
(Chatham Islands akeake)

Small tree often overlooked and thought dull. Great for coastal exposure plus pretty in flower.
Coprosma repens
(looking glass plant)

Very tough coastal shrub often sculpted by salt winds. Very shiny leaves + orange berries.


Need help planning coastal shelter?

I would love to talk to you about a design for your section. Contact me here, or browse the site to find out more:

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