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Pond planting and landscaping - Mosgiel 2006

A long-term project now reaching the end of the first landscaping phase. The client wanted to create luscious waterside planting around a newly excavated pond. This would be offset by new landscaped paths and a new deck.
This is how the project was implemented:


Free site visit, landscaping ideas and quotation

During the free consultation I chatted at length with the client to establish what the new garden design should achieve, plus the style of planting and landscaping she prefered. After determining what direction the landscaping should take a design fee was agreed.


Property master plan with draft landscaping / planting plans

The design phase saw these ideas turned into draft plans for the hard landscaping and planting. At this stage the client can see clearly how the project will develop and is encouraged to submit their own preferences for certain landscaping materials and individual plants or combinations of planting.


Hard landscaping specifications

Finalised construction drawings for the pathways, retaining walls and new deck were approved and work began.


Planting plan and plant lists

Below you will see the final pond planting plan submitted to the client. It was accompanied by a detailed plant list with pricing for all materials and plants in the design. This is an ongoing project....



Some of the plants used in this design:

A mix of NZ Natives and exotic foliage plants that look great beside water



Chionochloa rubra
(copper tussock grass)

A graceful NZ native tussock. Grows 1m+ tall with weeping red leaves.



Need help designing, landscaping and planting your garden?

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Anemanthele lessoniana
(gossamer grass)

My favourite NZ native grass. Can't beat its changing foliage colours and movement in the breeze.


Nandina domestica
(heavenly bamboo)

Not a bamboo at all, but it works so well with other grasses and bamboos especially when the red tints appear.


Libertia grandiflora
(NZ iris, mikoikoi)

A grass-like NZ native that's covered in flowers early in the year. Spot-planting amongst grasses for added interest.


Fargesia nitida

A tall foliage plant perfect as a backdrop to set off the rest of the planting.

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