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A stylish pebble garden on the Otago Peninsula


A sheltered portion of this garden provided the opportunity to use some interesting exotic succulent foliage plants as well as some carefully selected New Zealand native grasses and shrubs.

The bold curves of this garden design were accentuated using different mulches and pebbles, creating a stylish pebble garden filled with a crazy combination of form and textures.


On completion...


The Planting Design: Click on the plan to view photos of each plant.

Click on the plan to view photos of each plant


Succulent plants in this pebble garden:

Aloe bainesii
- Tree Aloe

In South Africa this Aloe forms a stout-trunked tree up to 15m tall. Here in NZ slow growth rates and a colder climate will keep this Aloe much much smaller.



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Aloe polyphylla
- Spiral Aloe

A really tough Aloe that forms an almost perfectly mathmatical spiral of toothed succulent leaves.

Crassula dubia

Low-growing succulent with striking paddle-shaped grey leaves.

Echeveria 'Perle Von Nurnberg'

A great hybrid cultivar Echeveria with pale burgundy leaves. Slowly spreads sending out offshoot plants at the base.



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